Equestrian bedding



A happy grey horse is standing on a comfy bed of cardboard animal bedding.

ELITE Animal Bedding is ideal for horses, ponies and donkeys. The soft, thin strips of cardboard provide a deep, comfortable and stable bed, that drains urine and locks away ammonia, helping to reduce moisture levels - keeping your horse dry and comfortable. Our bedding is naturally insulating, allowing the cardboard to regulate heat, especially during the winter months.

ELITE Animal Bedding is virtually dust-free bedding, so it's perfect for alleviating respiratory issues, such as COPD. Since our bedding is free from contaminants, such as seeds and spores, it's also a great choice for animals (or owners) with allergies too!

The bedding is incredibly easy to muck-out  - any wet compacts into a small area, and dry cardboard falls through the fork. Our bedding breaks down in as little as 8-12 weeks, which means smaller muck heaps and the cardboard provides a great source of carbon  - perfect for composting. Better still all ELITE Animal Bedding is derived from recycled material.

Our bedding helps to support:

  • Respiratory health
  • Hoof strength - reduces the risk of cracked or dry hooves
  • Hoof health - moisture absorption prevents issues with soft hoof walls.
  • Hygiene
  • Ammonia suppression
  • Sleep and recovery



We created our bedding with health & sustainability in mind.

ELITE Animal Bedding has many features you wouldn’t find in other types of bedding, including an extremely low dust content. Our bedding is comfortable, supportive bedding and can be used in stables or a wide range of animal enclosures. It's made from a 100% recycled source, and it's easily compostable. 

Thoroughbred/ Racing Horses

In racing, it's the little details that matter. A small difference in a horse's health can make a big difference to the results. High-quality bedding is essential for your horses' health, well-being, fitness and performance.

Horses in training naturally spend the majority of their time in their stables,  on their feet in their stables. Their bedding must provide the right support under the hoof. ELITE Animal Bedding's tailored structure provides even coverage for stability and keeps compaction - hard uneven lumps - to a minimum.

A horse at rest will inhale 4–6 litres of air in every breath. A galloping horse will need to inhale approximately 30 litres a second, even minor constrictions in oxygen intake can reduce performance. Our dust-free bedding provides the best care possible for your horses' airways.

Show Horses / Dressage

Make sure your horses are show ready by giving them bedding that actively supports their welfare and well-being with a dust-free comfortable cushion made from sustainable cardboard shavings.

Learn how to set up a recycled cardboard stable?

We understand how important it is for jockeys to maintain the health & well-being of their horses. With thoroughbred horses needing specialised care, our bedding is an ideal alternative to traditional bedding such as straw and wood shavings, as it not only reduces the risk of horses and their owners suffering with allergies, but it also provides a warm and insulated barrier, allowing the horse to rest well.

With our bedding benefiting from such high absorbency, it reduces the risk of ammonia building up within the stable, which in-turn reduces the risk of damage to the horses lungs.


We offer nationwide delivery and can supply small orders or large bulk deliveries.

Elite Animal Bedding Testimonials



"Most cost effective, a lot more absorption than my regular bedding. Composts better so more ECO. It was easier to muck out than taking out half the bedding as I would normally, as it didn't stick to the bedding, so easier to sieve out. Pretty much dust free as well so great for horses who may have respiratory problems like COPD."



"I find ECO Animal Bedding very good, as it's easy to muck out, and the stables aren't as wet since I've been using it."



"ECO Animal Bedding would benefit a lot of people as it seems to work well with most of the animals on my farm. The bedding is highly absorbent and would probably rot down quicker in the muck pile than wood shavings."