ELITE Animal Bedding is made from clean post consumer, mixed corrugated cardboard which contains natural materials, creating a comfortable, supportive bedding which also helps to increase absorbency whilst maintaining a warm insulated barrier.

This product is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.


Here are some of the benefits of using shredded cardboard:

  • Easily composted and fully biodegradable: when composting, the cardboard breaks down more rapidly than traditional bedding and can be used as an effective mulch.
  • Virtually dust, seed and spore-free - ideal for allergy suffering animals. Cardboard is naturally less dusty than straw or wood, and we filter our too, meaning ours bedding helps your animals breathe more easily.
  • Highly absorbent, comfortable, clean, safe and virtually odour-free.
  • Corrugated cardboard effectively traps warm air produced by the animal, creating a comfortable warm bed during cold winter months.
  • Easy & quick to use. Cardboard won’t crumble to dust during handling unlike other products.
  • Safer than straw. Most pets will eat straw bedding, and if large quantities are consumed it can have a severe impact on the digestive system.

From our customer feedback, the shredded cardboard is typically more absorbent than wood shavings and straw due to it's high absorbency capacity. This will reduce moisture levels, keeping animals dry and comfortable when they sleep.

Absorbent bedding reduces ammonia build-up and odour, mould growth and the amount of bedding that needs replacing, making it a favourable bedding choice.

The most environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your used bedding is to compost it.

ELITE Animal Bedding is 100% compostable, breaking down fully in 8-12 weeks – much quicker than straw & wood beddings. So not only is this beneficial for your pets, it's also environmentally friendly.

Delivery is completely free within 20 miles of our Social Enterprise (Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 4DR). However, we do have a minimum order of £60.00.

If you require small quantities or require a delivery outside of this area, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

We aim to deliver ELITE Animal Bedding within 7 days from the date you place an order.

The exact delivery date will be confirmed via email or SMS text message once your order is processed. If the delivery date is not suitable for you, simply get in touch at least 1 working day before the expected delivery date and we’ll reschedule it.

If you have a vehicle suitable to collect bedding, we can book you a collection slot within 4 hours.

Purchase the required number of bales, and then select ‘collection’ at checkout. We will then send an email or SMS text message once the bales are ready to collect.

We have a minimum order amount of £60.00.  If you require small or large quantities, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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