Recycled Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging



Shredded cardboard is a popular choice for packaging materials and with good reason. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly option offering many benefits over traditional packaging materials. It is made from recycled paper products, reducing the need for virgin materials and cutting down on waste. Additionally, shredded cardboard can be easily recycled after use, reducing its impact on the environment even further.

Shredded cardboard is an excellent cushioning material, protecting products during shipping and handling. The shredded fibres create a protective barrier around items, preventing them from getting damaged or breaking during transportation. This is particularly important for fragile or delicate items that require extra protection during transit.

Best of all shredded cardboard will save you money too!



Shredded Carboard, Elite Animal Bedding

We created our bedding with health & sustainability in mind.

ELITE Animal Bedding has many features you wouldn’t find in other types of bedding, including an extremely low dust content. Our bedding is comfortable, supportive bedding and can be used in stables or a wide range of animal enclosures. It's made from a 100% recycled source, and it's easily compostable. 


We offer nationwide delivery and can supply small orders or large bulk deliveries.

Elite Animal Bedding Testimonials



"Most cost effective, a lot more absorption than my regular bedding. Composts better so more ECO. It was easier to muck out than taking out half the bedding as I would normally, as it didn't stick to the bedding, so easier to sieve out. Pretty much dust free as well so great for horses who may have respiratory problems like COPD."



"I find ECO Animal Bedding very good, as it's easy to muck out, and the stables aren't as wet since I've been using it."



"ECO Animal Bedding would benefit a lot of people as it seems to work well with most of the animals on my farm. The bedding is highly absorbent and would probably rot down quicker in the muck pile than wood shavings."