Vet Cardboard Bedding

Bedding for Veterinarians



Cardboard bedding is the obvious choice when it comes to animal welfare. The high absorbency rate reduces the levels of moisture (which promotes mold growth) and ammonia, and our cardboard is carefully sourced to ensure it’s clean from contamination by food or chemicals. There’s no risk to spores, dust or other irritants entering the animal’s airway.

Our bedding is made from recycled cardboard, it's sustainable and sourced from renewable resource that can be easily disposed of and recycled again.

Our bedding is affordable and readily available, making it a practical choice for veterinary practices. It is easy to source and can be purchased in bulk, reducing costs, and we can ensure a steady supply!


We created our bedding with health & sustainability in mind.

ELITE Animal Bedding has many features you wouldn’t find in other types of bedding, including an extremely low dust content. Our bedding is comfortable, supportive bedding and can be used in stables or a wide range of animal enclosures. It's made from a 100% recycled source, and it's easily compostable. 


We offer nationwide delivery and can supply small orders or large bulk deliveries.

Elite Animal Bedding Testimonials



"Most cost effective, a lot more absorption than my regular bedding. Composts better so more ECO. It was easier to muck out than taking out half the bedding as I would normally, as it didn't stick to the bedding, so easier to sieve out. Pretty much dust free as well so great for horses who may have respiratory problems like COPD."



"I find ECO Animal Bedding very good, as it's easy to muck out, and the stables aren't as wet since I've been using it."



"ECO Animal Bedding would benefit a lot of people as it seems to work well with most of the animals on my farm. The bedding is highly absorbent and would probably rot down quicker in the muck pile than wood shavings."